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What Are the Types of Translation?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The horizon of the translation field is expanding day by day and it has become possible just because of the globalization. There are different types of translations and all of these classifications are unique because of their specific process and requirements. As we know due to the globalized world and international tourism the need for translations and translators is increasing so we will explore some important types of translations in detail. Translations are often categorized for business and non-business usages but few types can overlap as well so let’s get started.

Simple translation

Simple or general translation is when a person translates a particular text without needing any expertise in a particular field. Those people who translate general texts are known as generalists or general translators. These translators often translate website contents and do business correspondence as well.

Technical translation

Technical translation involves specialist knowledge and it may need different technical fields such as IT etc. There are different technical fields in which a person has to translate manuals, specialist reports, and descriptions of technical codes. All of these will be included in the technical translation. It can also involve technical knowledge about some specific fields for example electronics; mechanics, IT, and other industrial text translations can also be included in this type of translation.

Literary translation

Literary translation as the name shows involves the translation of different literary works of a particular language. This is not simply a translation of texts but it involves a deep understanding of any particular society as well. As we know literature is a reflection of any society so without understanding the norms and culture of any society it is quite difficult to properly translate any literary work. Many people argue that any literary work cannot be properly translated because translation somehow affects the aesthetic pleasure of a particular literary work.

Legal translation

Legal translation is different from judicial translation and it is the translation of legal documents whether they are old or new. The judicial translation however involves the translation of court documents such as deposition and different testimonial etc. This type of translation involves people who have a strong background in the legal field.

Financial translation

Financial translation involves the translations of banking, financing, and stock exchange activities. So an expert person in this field will be able to translate bank statements and such financial tasks. These statements can be very short but they require technical knowledge of this field.

Medical translation

This type of translation involves the translation of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other biotechnological materials. This can involve medical documents such as patient-related documents, and labels of other medicines as well. Countries have different health-related products as well so if you have medical field expertise then this type of translation is the best for you.

Software localization

Software localization is one of the best ways that can involve the conversion of software into the local language. Thus this involves the expert knowledge about culture and the languages in which this software is being translated and localized.

The translation is becoming more and more common these days so we have explored different types of translations in this article. As more tools are developed and more knowledge is acquired, more translation types will come to light. And still there are more translation types that haven't been mentioned.

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