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Top Article Writing Blogs

Article writing blogs are one of the best sources where experienced writers can fresh up their knowledge and new writers are able to learn about article writing techniques and strategies to become successful content and article writers.

There are lots of blogs offering their services for new writers so they can follow these blogs to improve their writing expression. Sometimes due to the lack of knowledge, it becomes difficult for new learners to deliver their projects on time and their clients are also not happy with them. To solve this issue we will recommend five popular blogs that will help you a lot in your writing career. So let’s start;

This blog is one of the best platforms where new writers can learn a lot about writing techniques. This innovative platform was designed to help writers, teachers, and researchers in finding new resources. Here you can explore the blog post of best-selling authors so it will help you to improve your writing style.

“Writers Helping Writers” is a blog that is not only offering article writing tips but it can also assist you with exploring new books and learning article writing techniques at the same time. In addition to this service, this platform is beneficial for exploring book reviews as well.


“Aliventures” is a platform created by Ali Luke, a writing lover, and it is also the name of the business. This platform is not only covering freelance writing but it is best for art, craft, and business writing as well. Whether you are looking for initial level blog posts to learn writing stages or advance level posts it will help you to guide and motivate in your journey.

This platform is providing several writing courses and e-books as well so it becomes very easy to learn from this platform.

This platform is also very famous for learning freelancing writing and other YouTube techniques. This platform is offering free courses for new writers and over three thousand people have learned from these classes.

Writing revolt is helping not only to improve the quality of content but it is also helpful for learning monetization through blogging and YouTube.

Positive Writer is the best platform for those who want to learn writing from other experts. This platform is not only regularly publishes blog posts for new writes but it is offering various books as well. These books are paid and free as well so this will help new writers to learn many important techniques so if you are the one who wants to learn article writing this will be the best platform for you.

Hubspot is the platform that is helping millions of people all around the globe to learn and live a better life. This platform will help a new writer about different techniques that will help them to become a more successful writer.

Whenever a writer is entering the freelance marketplace it is somehow difficult to start writing successfully. In this article, we have explored five important writing blogs that will help new writers to become more successful.

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