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Differences Between Copywriting & Article Writing

The content writing field has a very wide horizon so when a person chooses this field then they often have to deal with copywriting and article writing offers. Due to the lack of knowledge about the difference between these two fields these young writers face many problems. So in this article, you will learn the difference between these two fields so it will help you, the young writer, to propose offers according to your relevant fields.

Basic differences between copywriting and article writing

Different goals

The first and foremost difference that should be considered is that both of them are used to achieve different goals. The basic purpose of copywriting is to sell a particular product among the targeted audience while article writing is used to inform, educate, instruct, and entertain its readers. Content of the copywriting is designed to attract a wide audience while article writing explains the particular topic with different objectives. In short, we can say that the basic goal of copywriting is to persuade the particular audience toward the product while the basic goal of the article writing is informing and explaining to the audience.

The difference in style and platforms

The second thing that makes the difference between both of these fields are their difference in their styles. The style of copywriting is usually short-form according to the requirements of a particular business while article writing requires long-form explanation about different topics. Copywriters write for online ads and other offline slogans, and taglines of landing pages while article writers write for different blogs, social media posts, whitepapers, reports, books, and other types of news stories.

The difference in the knowledge of SEO

The third important difference between copywriting and article writing is that both copywriters and article writers have different knowledge of SEO or we can more precisely say that both apply their knowledge of SEO for different purposes. A good copywriter is considered as one who has an understanding of SEO while a good article writer is one who has advanced to an expert level of understanding. The basic purpose of hiring any content writer is to generate the audience however the copywriter has one goal; to convert that audience into sales as well. Article writers have to deal with basic keyword densities and other basic rules of SEO to their content so that can lead toward more audience while copywriters have to make the content catchy that can capture the audience shortly and more comprehensively.

The difference in strategies

Copywriters and article writers adopt different strategies to write any content. For example, a copywriter usually focuses more on long-term plans while article writers usually follow a more contemporary approach. This difference in the strategy is because of their difference in the objectives they want to achieve. A copywriter usually focuses on promoting the sales of the product while an article writer mostly explains and educates in long-form with different styles.

Final words

In this article I have explained some basic differences between article writing and copywriting; I hope this will help you to understand both fields in a comprehensive way. Keep exploring the different sections of my website to explore more guidance about different topics.

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