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How To Become a Copywriter

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Have you always wished of working for yourself? Would you like to get money from freelance copywriting? Many people think that they cannot follow the career path they want because they do not have enough experience. However, the only solution to enter your chosen field, and get that experience, is to get started. Becoming a copywriter writer without experience is not very hard.

However, you will need some skills to become a copywriter to get started. It includes a great grasp of spelling and grammar, and an ability to construct interesting, engaging pieces of work.

What Is a Copywriter?

Copywriting is always concerned with promotion or selling a business, organization, brand or product. It is the art of using persuasive words to get someone to take an action. Examples could be buying a product, clicking an ad, or subscribing to a mailing list. This includes things like:

  • Sales pages

  • Email funnels

  • Landing pages

  • Blog posts/articles

  • Social media posts

  • White papers

  • Case studies

It’s not an easy task, especially at first, but if you work hard, you will find yourself with absolute control over your career and finances to an extent you never previously believed possible. Copywriting does not need a degree, yet an educational background in journalism, marketing, marketing research, or writing can help you a lot in this field.

Here are a few things needed to become a copywriter:

1. Understand copywriting basics

Being an effective copywriter is more than following basic directions or writing information clearly. Copywriting includes a deep understanding of customer needs and human psychology. It requires the ability to get the audience's attention quickly and effectively while arranging different words, pictures, and call-to-action elements in an attractive manner.

2. Be aware of why industries use copywriters

Knowing your target audience is very important. Understanding the reasons people hire copywriters helps you to advertise to those needs on a standard level. Therefore companies, businesses, and other organizations are required to create a large amount of original content to increase the customers' interests.

3. Define your copy niche

Before you start searching for clients, you need to first define your niche. This is the special area and audience you’re going to target as a copywriter. So first, you should think about what role you want to own and there are a lot of them. The important thing is you choose what’s interesting to you and get started. And you can always change it later if it’s not the best choice for you. For example, if you enjoy traveling, you could focus on writing for travel blogs or similar publications.

4. Create a portfolio

In the copywriter industry, it is called a "Minimum Viable Portfolio (MVP)". It consists of sample work targeted toward a client's interests. An MVP is a writing sample of your carefully-created work. It should be about 200-400 words in length and offers a concrete representation of the quality of writing you deliver to your clients. It should be brief but should aim for accuracy and efficiency in exemplifying the qualities your potential employer is interested in.

5. Learn how to brand yourself

One of the main purposes of a copywriter is the ability to keep, attract, and gain new customers for their clients through language, image placement, and persuasiveness. As a copywriter, you should understand the basics of advertising to advertise and secure clients for yourself.

That's it! A brief yet concise explanation on what a copywriter is and what is their job. You can always drop me an email for further information, if you need a Greek copywriter or you need to reach the Greek market.

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