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Tips For a SEO-Friendly Article

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

If we talk about the term - SEO-friendly content - then this is referring to the type of the text or content that is formed in a way that it aids the search engines to rank it higher. There is no doubt that there are a few marketers who think that this term refers to the fact that the keywords should be bombarded in to the content, but this not the truth.

This means that the content should be created with a sense that it is meant to aid the search engines find it, understand it and connect it to the topic that you tried to cover or gain traffic onto it.

As you are going to read this article, I would like to, make this clear to you; SEO-friendly content is a lot more than just stuffing keywords in to the content or on any other social media platforms. Here are 3 tips for a SEO-friendly article:

1. Try using headings and sub-headings

Putting main and sub headings will definitely help your content to be optimized in a better way.

First of all, it is going to make your content skimmable it will also make it really easy for the readers to give it a read. People are more likely to read and share the things that are attractive and easy to read. No one likes to spend hours in understanding something. So, headings and sub headings give an idea about the writing.

The same applies for the search engine robots as well; when someone is going through your website they will be looking for headings in order to understand the content better. It also facilitates the keyword saturation.

2. Adding links to the already posted content

You need to know that one of the ways by which the search engine ranks the content is by the amount of backlinks that they are going to get. If your content is good then it gets a lot more backlinks, both internal and external. If you want to bring traffic to your website then you have to rank the previous content high and link it to your new posts. This will allow the search engine robots to find the best articles. Utilizing the credible sources in the body of the content creates trust with your readers.

3. Optimizing the length of your content or article

Talking about back in the day, most of the blog posts you would read might have up to several hundred words. It was a game of number, for instance more post you would publish the more traffic you would be getting.

Nowadays, it is not the case or even if it is that’s rare. Google now gives priority to the length and quality of the content. They are aimed at providing their users and visitors with the best-possible answers. It is not in your favor to write an article that is around 300 words, quality and quantity matters. You need to filer your content accordingly.

I hope that this piece of writing and the 3 tips for a SEO-friendly article are going to help you with your future content. Feel free to leave your feedback down below.

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