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Software Localization: Must-Remember Things

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

In this globalized world localization of any software plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the local customers. So in this article, we will find out what localization and how it can help to grab the attention of a huge audience; before explaining the important steps of localization of software lets learn some basic concepts.

What Is Localization?

Brifley, localization is the process when a product or content is being adapted to a specific locale or/and market. It ensures your customers enjoy your product and share their experience with others.

Software Localization

Software localization is an adaptation of software to meet the requirements of a specific language or culture. It moves beyond basic translation to adjust a user interface on a cultural level. It’s not just what you’re saying; it’s how you are saying it. This process requires a significant amount of time and it quite is a different form of internalization. Internalization is typically done by software developers, while localization is done by translators. Localization instead refers to the translation of that separated content into the specific language, and usually occurs after internalization.

Seven tips that you should remember while localization

Software localization is not easy and can be often tricky. However, if you keep these seven tips in mind, you’ll be able to deal with it easily and quickly.

  • Use separate resource files.

  • Manage your code to handle multiple languages.

  • Build-in spaces as language length will change.

  • Verify your images and symbols make sense.

  • Be as precise as possible with the locale.

  • Create a style guide.

  • Use software localization tool.

Five Key Steps of Software Localization

Also, there are five key steps when it comes to software localization:

  • Create and use a localization kit to identify translatable resource files

  • Translate content (using native translators)

  • Review translation for errors

  • Place translated files into your code structure

  • Resize dialog boxes as needed

  • Always test your result and final localized software for all target markets

Must-Remember Things and The Importance of Localization of Software

Software localization is altering the language of software to match the needs of a specific language and culture and it adapts the internationalized software into other languages and regions.

To become a part of the global software market, localization is very important. Many companies want to sell products to global markets. That's why they need to abide by the cultural and linguistic norms of the target market otherwise they suffer from losing potential customers. Software localization is more than just translating the product’s interface. Firms need their software program to be adjusted to the culture of the target country so that they can get to a bigger audience. Proper localization can save your company money. After releasing a new product, you may be required to spend a considerable amount of money and time on the infrastructure and tools needed to support it.

In today's world, we are living in a global market even at home. And the truth is that competition requires localized products and localized marketing, especially when software development is involved. Let's be honest; if you don't localize, it’s impossible to reach a specific or global software market. Many businesses sell products to international markets. Software localization demands years of experience in translation and knowing applications and software development. It also requires experience in an understanding of app and software development.

In this article, we have briefly described the different aspects of localization hope so it has answered all your questions; so keep exploring our website to understand information about different topics. Ask me further about the software localization procedure or how I deal with English to Greek software localization.

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