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10 Popular Video Game Genres

Video gaming is consistently evolvingVideo Game Localization as welland it may be hard to keep up with the different genres. Where genres overlapped before and many were labeled as “action” or “fighting,” gamers nowadays try to use specific names to identify their genre, even though some of them still overlap.

Here, we discuss 10 popular video game genres and give you a quick description about the type of game you will find in each genre.

1. Sandbox

A “Sandbox game” is a game where you control most of the aspects of a game. Unlike traditional gaming experiences, a sandbox games allows the user to create and share his gaming experience. Sandbox is a term used because it lets the gamer create anything he wants, much like kids do in a sandbox. The player has freedom of movement. Minecraft is an example of a game in this genre.

2. Role-playing (RPG and ARPG)

A role-playing game is a game where players assume the roles of the characters. Players act out the roles in the narrative. Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons are RPGs. An ARPG is an action RPG, which means it combines aspects of action games with aspects of role-playing games. An ARPG involves real-time combat and not turn taking action.

3. Real-time strategy (RTS)

This type of game is one where players move together simultaneously as opposed to taking turns. Age of Empires and Company of Heroes are examples of games in this genre. This genre may find you building towers.

4. Simulation and sports

This is an immersive game genre. Your NFL and NBA games fall into this category. This type of game tries to copy real life in game form. There are no defined goals of the game, and the player can control the character. This type of game is used for analysis, training, or entertainment.

5. Action-Adventure

Action-adventure games combine elements of action games with elements of adventure games, hence the name action-adventure. Action games are fast paced, and adventure games are about exploration. Combined, it is a game that has a storyline with many characters but requires physical skills you’d need in an action game.

6. Shooters (FPS and TPS)

This type of game is exactly what it sounds like, a shooting game. The purpose of this game is to defeat an enemy using a weapon. It is a subgenre of an action game. A game that falls under this genre is Fortnite. FPS, or first-person shooter, means the character is played in the first-person perspective.

7. Puzzlers and party games

Puzzlers emphasize solving puzzles. They test the player’s problem-solving skills like recognizing patterns, solving sequences, and word completion. Minesweeper and Tetris are puzzler games. A party game takes it one step further and adds in a multiplayer element, such as Mario Party.

8. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

The MOBA genre prioritizes multiplayer and team play where you play against other human players. Unlike RTS (real-time strategy) genre, where you can control many units, with MOBA games, you can only control one character. A popular game in this genre is League of Legends.

9. Survival and horror

Survival and horror games overlap somewhat to the point that they have their own subgenre known as survival horror. Survival games focus on resource management in order to survive and ways to keep your character alive. Minecraft is an example of a game in this genre. Horror games use tension to get the player immersed into the game, and use zombies and post-apocalyptic events. Blair Witch or Resident Evil are examples of horror games.

10. Platformer

Games under the platformer genre are ones that involve running, jumping, or climbing in order to work through different levels of the game. Think Donkey Kong or Super Mario Brothers.

Video games continue to grow in popularity, not only because they are fun but because they provide another way we can socially interact with others. There are so many genres, and new ones continue to be created by mixing parts of different genres. This means more choices, obviously, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a game that is exactly what you are looking for.

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