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What Is Game Localization and Why It Is Important

Updated: Apr 30, 2022


Localization of games or Game Localization plays an important role in gaining a huge audience so it is one of the keys to any successful game. Several studies have proved that whenever a person observes any game in the local version then even if the game is also available in the English language that person will prefer a localized version. Language is an important source but localization is something deeper so in this article the meaning of game localization, the content of localization as well as the importance of the localization will be discussed.

What is game localization?

Everything necessary to develop an application or game concerning a particular region is known as game localization. It involves not only languages but also content concerning cultural factors and censorship laws of that region as well. Localization can involve the following factors.

  • Idioms of the games can be changed according to local culture

  • Use of slangs can be done according to that particular region

  • Events and discounts can be arranged according to local events

  • Adding music and voiceovers can be done according to the local artists

So in short we can say that localization means developing the game with respect to linguistic, cultural, and regional-based changes so this helps the game developer release their game to a huge audience. After discussing the game localization concept let’s find out why localization is important for any game developer.

Increase in popularity and sale

The localization of games plays an important role in increasing the popularity and sales of any game. If you have developed the game to highlight some specific aspects of society or on some specific fictional setup of any country then it will be definitely interesting for the audience of that particular society. Certain languages play an important role in increasing fame and sales of that game for example if your mother tongue is English you will definitely prefer to buy games in the English version.

Fact: Since many Greeks are not yet familiar with the English language, a mobile game localized in Greek brings more downloads and sales.

Gamer’s friendly content through localization

Localization plays an important role to create a user friendly environment where gamers can play more interestingly according to respective culture. So localization is not only helping users to build the environment according to their environment but it can promote local culture and norms in other societies.

Educating any society

Policymakers can use localization of games to educate society as well. Governments can positively use them to develop content that can educate society too. This can be done to promote national and international interests as well so localization of gaming can also be used to promote educative material. As different kinds of international malicious games are spoiling the youth, governments can add innovative strategies to engage youth and educate them according to national interests.


Game localization plays an important role in increasing the sales and popularity of any game. In this article we have learned basic know-how of localization of games and also we have discussed its benefits as well. So keep localizing the games to promote your personal, national, and international interests.

As for me, video gaming is and will continue to be my passion and expertise. So, in a later article, I am going to write specifically about the importance of English to Greek localization and why you should implement the Greek language in your game.

In case you are in need of an English to Greek game localization expert, feel free to reach out to me.

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