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What Is an MTPE?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

If you are looking for an answer to what is meant by MTPE, then the most simple answer that I can give you is that it is Machine Translation Post Editing. It is basically a hybrid translation solution, in which the human linguistics edit the outcome of the advanced machine translation in order to refine the text, while aiming at improving its quality. In other words, it can be said that it is a process in which the human editors are able to correct the errors existing in the automated translation to make it look like more natural and also retain its meaning, as in it stays somewhat similar to the original text.

MTPE is also seen as a best middle answer that is said to be a lot more accurate than the machine translation, and also it costs really less as compared to the machine translation. Not only that, but it is less time taking when compared with the human translation. The machine translation post editing is known as an ideal thing for the ones who are looking for translating a big amount of content in a less span of time and in an affordable price. Don’t worry you; do not have to compromise in terms of quality when it comes to MTPE.

Types of MTPE

There are basically two types of MTPE and they are related to the quality that you expect for your project. The types are as follows:

1. Light post editing

As far as the continuous improvement in the capabilities of machine translation is concerned, the light post editing is responsible for addressing the least post editing needs. In this type of MTPE, the editors are able to correct the output of machine related to the spelling or semantic mistakes, and they are also allowed to check that there is no false information or any confusion left. It is less expensive and works really well for the project with less high quality concerns.

2. Full post editing

Full post editing is related to the conduction of structural alternations and conduction of stylistic changes, apart from that the production of quality somewhat similar to human translation. As far as the full post editing is concerned it is expensive and takes a lot of your time. It takes grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, style of writings, expressions of the linguistics into consideration which means that there is no chance for error to take place. This is the preferred type of MTPE where quality is the concern.

What are the best practices in MTPE?

- You need to check the source texts in order to make it error-free.

- You are supposed to feed MTPE with glossaries; the only reason is that it works better that way.

- You have to use a TMS (Translation Management Software) while you are carrying out editing.

- There is no need for any over-stylistic edits.

- You have to ask the editors for their review and feedbacks.

In case you are looking for a Greek MTPE expert or an (Eng to Gr) English to Greek translator to edit and polish your machine translated documents and articles, feel free to reach out to me.

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