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Best Features of MemoQ

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

MemoQ is known as an exclusive computer-assisted translation software suite. It works on Microsoft Windows operating systems. MemoQ is providing premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. MemoQ has been dedicated to providing innovation for 15 years through diverse developments. These solutions help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies, and worldwide.

MemoQ provides very simple and more effective translation processes. It combines ease of use, collaboration, and leveraging in one single translation tool. MemoQ offers translation memory, terminology, machine translation integration, and reference information management in desktop and web application environment services for its users. Now I am going to tell you some of the best features of MemoQ.

For enterprises

You can manage and automate your localization processes on a global scale with the help of the memoQ translation management system. Its main features include flexible workflow management, easy project tracking, automated quality checks, advanced reports, and much more.

Consistent Brand Message

MemoQ helps enterprises maintain consistent and clear brand identity and message across all languages used in the markets where they work.

Automated Localization Processes

It can become very expensive and time-consuming to do localization without a dedicated tool. It also produces unpredictable results. You can thoroughly centralize and automate your localization workflows with the help of memoQ.

Collaborative Workflows

Real-time collaboration is one of the key factors for providing successfully localized content. Some features of the memoQ server include online translation projects, simultaneous translation and review, and centralized project setup.

For language service providers

Everyday language service providers face a very tough routine. They have to manage a large number and variety of files and projects daily. In this daily routine, memoQ provides a stable and collaborative translation environment that facilitates and speeds up translation processes with many advanced features.

Automated Localization Processes

Project managers eliminate time-consuming manual steps with memoQ’s customizable project templates when setting up projects.

Collaborative Workflows

To enhance the speed of localization processes, translators and reviewers can work simultaneously in memoQ. The translation environment of memoQ provides advanced options for real-time collaboration.

Top Quality Assurance

It is very common to make mistakes at any point in the translation process. MemoQ has two types of quality assurance (QA). The QA module locates machine-detectable errors during and after translation. The Linguistic QA module is used to check translation quality and offers detailed feedback to translators.

Managing Terminology

It offers translations with professional quality! The terminology management module in memoQ helps translation companies to control and enforce usage of preferred terms in translations.

Handling Large Projects

As we know, language service providers require strong technology for managing projects with a large number and a variety of files and translators. The MemoQ server enhances the speed of the translation process and provides a safe platform for collaborative projects.

Dealing with File Formats

You can import and export a huge variety of file formats by using memoQ. It also has both built-in and customizable filters, including multilingual Excel, XML, and CSV files.

For translators

MemoQ translator pro is specifically made by translators for translators to effectively assist you in day-to-day tasks.

Translation Memory

With the help of memoQ translational memory, you can reuse previous translations and consistently handle repeated text across a project easily.

Terminology Management

MemoQ contains an integrated terminology management module. You can maintain consistent usage of domain-specific terminology for different projects and clients by using this module.

Automatic Quality Assurance

MemoQ provides automated quality assurance, which checks for possible errors during translation. Also, Linguistic Quality Assurance arranges errors and provides valuable statistics.

Compatibility with Other Tools

You can import, translate, and export files from other tools with memoQ translator pro. It is also compatible with most other translation tools, including SDL Trados Studio and Wordfast.

Leverage Existing Translations

You can also develop termbases, which are similar to a glossary but can also be helpful to store previous translations and abbreviations related to a term.

Translate PDF

Many people wish for a better way to translate PDF files. If you need to translate an editable and scanned PDF, memoQ's integration with TransPDF makes it very simple and easy.

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