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5 Most Popular Translation Blogs

A translator or a translation firm needs to stay ahead of all the current market news, events and technology to provide the best services to their users. One of the methods of doing that is subscribing and following translation sites or blogs operated by autonomous translators, firms, or other associations.

Since there are incredible assortments of various sites and blogs providing quality services, it probably won't be anything but difficult to find the correct translation sites that will produce the perfect content and give the most valuable service.

The (short) list beneath will give you a brief look into the 5 most popular translation blogs and assist you with starting a translation blog. Regardless of whether you are considering it as a freelancer, or trying to start your own business, these top translation blogs will help you with that. You will probably find the best one for you.

If your blog is about generic topics and you need a translator who works with fun, entertainment, and humor then you must check out TRANSBLAWG. As a translation professional that is capable of translating from Spanish to English, German to French, and English to French, TRANSBLAWG offers professional guidance for interpreters with an assortment of specializations.

With regular updates, TRANSBLAWG provides translators and publishers a consistent stream of valuable content. Although it considers posts with a focus over German translation, there truly is content for everybody. Follow TRANSBLAWG for some professional content that is centered around interpretation and composing.

Despite the fact that it's updated, it’s often less used than the other one mentioned previously in the list. Thoughts on Translation is a qualitative translation blog. This site is full of posts composed by Corinne McKay, who is a certified French to English translator from the American Translators Association. Attractive for agencies and freelancers that prefer human translation and experts, this blog is ideal for the individuals who need an all-inclusive translation for tips and tricks, and news in the translation industry.

With personal data regarding her own life as a translator, Thoughts on Translation is centered around those with similar issues. The workload and translation can be a exhausting job and at that point, finding out someone who can understand and resolve the issue can lower down the stress and burden. Marketers can also find helpful tips and tricks on this blog. New ventures and translators can find extremely great amount of information on Thoughts on Translation.

If you are a user who is searching for a blog that almost focuses on everything from ancient to new world era translations then About Translation is just right for you. This blog is constantly updated by the certified translator, Riccardo Schiaffino, with a writing skill that is extremely productive and outstanding in quality and the topics are also appealing and eye-catching. This blog is definitely worth watching.

If you are looking for some fascinating images along with article that is packed with translation news, tips and tricks, then this blog, Naked Translation, is an outstanding choice. The blog ‘Naked Translation is famous amongst people who translate from French to English and English to French, but at the same time, it has extremely valuable and fresh content for every single user. It has guest posts from professionals around the world as well as from independent workers. The Naked Translation has extremely engaging content.

Users who require translation with an extreme amount of humor and fun in it as well as easy, they should go along with Translation Fun. It does not only provide translation services that contain humor in it, but it’s also fast and easy for the user to interact with. This site is especially devoted to humorous translation. Normal routine translations may not be as good as on the others mentioned in the list. So try visiting this site if you want a quick dose of humor in your translation.

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