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Top 5 CAT Tools For Translators

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) technology is used by the majority of translation agencies and translation companies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of translations. The benefits of using Translation Memories and Computer Assisted Translation tools vary. In this article, I am going to make a brief analysis of the Top 5 CAT Tools For Translators based on my own experience.

It is important to understand that computer translation tools are not a substitute, but they do support the translation process. As for me, I always use my best judgment and Greek language experience to ensure the quality of my English to Greek translations.

MemoQ is my first choice as an English to Greek translation and localization management solution. It's easy to understand and use, their support is wonderful and it's simple! Whether you just need to localize a game or software or just need a document translation, MemoQ is the king of kings. Through their site, you can explore useful recources such as webinars, success stories, ebooks, as well as localization and translators' essentials.

Trados could not be missing from this list. Well, I know that many of you will disagree, but for me, it's somehow at the second place. Although it's excellent and offers free trials, useful instructions and videos as well as starter packages for freelancers, I believe SDL Trados is promoted way too much (although it should be).

WordFast team is on since 1999 and have developed 3 solutions to help translators in their work. Wordfast Classic, which is an MS Word-based translation memory tool, Wordfast Pro, a leading standalone TM tool for any platform and Wordfast Anywhere, a free and confidential web-based TM tool. Well done, WordFast, you have won our hearts!

Now, this is the Greek solution for translation projects! It couldn't be missing from my list as well, since the Transifex team have developed a pretty elegant and easy to navigate platform. Of course, a learning center is provided and the support team is highly responsive as well.

MateCat is developed by Translated, the international research center FBK, the Universite du Maine and the University of Edinburgh. It's on my list too, since it's a totally free and open source online CAT tool for freelance translators and translation companies.

This is my list of the Top 5 CAT Tools For Translators. Do you agree? Do you use other CAT tools? Let me know in the comments.

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