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Why Should You Invest In The Greek Market?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Greece has become the first developed country in 2015 to fund money to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and has become a wonderland due to the presence of beautiful landscapes and an attraction for tourism point. Besides Greece's rich history, now this country is moving ahead to modern life and also searching for profitable ways for business opportunities to develop the tourism industry. Due to the rapid increase in its economy, it is beneficial to invest in the Greek market. Investment in the Greek market is profoundly valuable in tourism, travel, agriculture, and aerospace. Due to this reason, it is worthy for all the investors around the world to invest in the Greek market.

Reasons To Invest In The Greek Market

Favorable climate

Greek is mostly renowned for its favorable climate. Sunshine lasts for 300 days in a year. Moreover, Spring and Autumn last from May to September. The sun's rays give a beautiful sea view and make summers enjoyable. However, in winters temperature fluctuates between 10-25 °C with snowfall in mountain hills. The four seasons in this country give adorable agricultural products.

Immigrants hospitality

Due to having an attraction for tourism point, Greece is renowned for the speechless hospitality of immigrants. Several cultures are followed here without any safety issues. The Greek language is the self-governing language of the Indo-European family. Therefore, the Greeks speak English thus making communication easy.

Investment opportunity for businessmen (and businesswomen!)

The economic crisis in Greece offers an advantage to the business world. However, non-EU investors get an opportunity to invest in the Greek market due to tax reductions from 10%-3%.

Member of Schengen area

Greece is a member of the Schengen area due to its border control. If you are a Greek nationality holder, then you can obtain a comprehensive travel privilege. You can freely travel within the Schengen zone.


Anyone can roam freely in Greek streets at night. There is no fear of being stolen. Well, there are surely parts that are to be avoided. Greeks are in general very friendly with the immigrants and tourists. Therefore, the breezy nights invites everyone to stay outdoor till morning. This beautiful sight of lights gives the impression of day in the night.

Tax reduction

The new tax scheme caused tax reduction from lowest 22 percent to 9 percent and highest from 40 percent to 45 percent. Therefore, the tax remains 8,636 euros per year, which is not an excessive amount for investors. Greece offers the Golden visa program that permits investors and their families to stay in the country that allows foreign money to rotate in the country. The real estate market in Greece is beneficial for those who can invest cash and through real estate funds. Under construction business can get an opportunity of 3 years VAT pause. Tax prices are low, and a favorable climate is valuable in enhancing business.


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