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What Is Transcreation?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

When you are trying to create an emotional connection with your audience, translation alone even the most skillful one is not enough! So, it is important to learn what is Transcreation.

In this blog post, we will learn about the different aspects of Transcreation and its importance in marketing.

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So, transcreation is the adaptation of a message into another language by taking the essence of that message and tailoring it to a target market. It establishes an emotional connection between the target audience and your brand and maximizes cultural relevance. The focus is on style, register, and emotional impact. E.g. for me, this means that an English to Greek transcreation will help you reach the Greek market by adapting your message especially for the Greek audience.

Here are the aspects that you will learn after reading this blog post;

  • Importance of Transcreation

  • Objectives

  • What to Consider When Hiring a Transcreator

  • Applications

Importance of Transcreation:

It combines translation and content writing. It allows the translator to either edit original material copy or create new content by following the prescribed guidelines. There may also be a need for content to differ from country to country, so transcreation may prove helpful in such situations.

It can also be useful if your company structure means that content is sent from headquarters to in-country teams meaning that they required an element of editing to suit your region. It should be considered whenever a direct translation may not produce localized enough results. It is recommended that you provide your transcreators with a style guide and glossary to ensure that they produce content that suits your style.


  • Recreating the target text the impact and experience of the original message (message, emotions, style, images, cultural aspects)

  • Adapting a text to the tastes, culture, and customs of the target country or market

What to Consider When Hiring a Transcreator

While providing transcreation services, its goal should be kept in mind.

Sense of targeted market:

The provider should be completely aware of the targeted audience. They should write such content that reaches the hearts of people. They should not make embarrassing mistakes while introducing content in a marketing campaign.

Experience of provider:

The provider must have a grip on relevant knowledge and information. They should completely understand the content on which they have to work.

Location of provider:

Your transcreation provider and the targeted audience must belong to the same country or region. This helps the provider to include only relevant texts and experiences gained by the surroundings.


  • It helps in cross-cultural communication.

  • It produces texts of promotional, advertising, or highly creative nature along with unsusceptible texts such as training manuals or e-learning contents, as attitudes and motivations are different across countries and cultures.

  • It is not only applicable to texts but also names, pictures, colors, contexts, and scenarios.

After transcreation, the target text is a new text, which feels as if originally written in the target language: the result may differ considerably from the terminology and format of the original text while adhering faithfully to its content, style, and register.

All in all, Transcreation is an effective tool for localization, marketing, advertising, entertainment, and branding. I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned what is transcreation, so keep exploring the different sections of my website and let me know if you are in need of an English to Greek Transcreator.

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