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Niquito 5-Book Series Translation into Greek

This post is about the Niquito book series that I have translated into Greek.

Niquito was one of the most wonderful children's stories that I have read. Its author, Dill Ferreira, was more than helpful and kind thorughout the whole translation procedure and provided enough details for me to work.

Where can you buy the books translated into Greek

Currently, you can buy the books on Kobo, but the books will also be published on Google Books, Amazon, and more channels.

A children's story about a puppy's affinity with the flowers in his backyard garden.

When Niquito discovers that ants are attacking his buddies, he will go to any length to keep the intruders at bay and safeguard the exquisite flowers from pest attacks.

The tale deals with sentiments such as camaraderie, zeal, and respect among friends, and it transcends beyond the fiction to touch the hearts of young readers.

Niquito will go on a stroll in this new adventure and uncover huge hazards that might occur when you go out alone.

Our little friend will become lost and realize that not everyone is nice and that living on the street requires a lot of caution. Niquito, on the other hand, will make nice pals, such as Josh, a high-spirited canine that helps lost doggies find their homes. He will encounter a sweet elderly lady who feeds lost and starving animals with his new buddy. An angel who convinces him that there are many kind individuals willing to help an animal in distress.

Niquito will meet Mel in this new journey. A pleasant little dog who recently relocated near to his residence and is a member of a rescue squad that rescues injured and abandoned animals. He, Josh, and Mel embark on a trip to assist a canine companion who has been abused and abandoned by his owners. The key themes of this charming narrative of the pawed angels are friendship, support, and loyalty. Niquito will meet Mel in this new journey. Together, they will demonstrate to their small pal that every dog deserves to be loved and to live in a happy home. The key themes of this charming narrative of the pawed angels are friendship, support, and loyalty.

The Pawed Angels, a group of pets who assist other animals in distress when they are injured in an accident or are in a bad situation, learned from one of their members that due to the Pandemic caused by Covid-19, people were not cooperating for Christmas parties, and Santa Claus would not have enough gifts for the children. As a result, they will attempt to assist Santa in ensuring a joyous Christmas for the youngsters. They will demonstrate the importance of friendship, love, and sharing in our lives.

Book 5: Pending translation

Next Dill's book translation

Except for the fifth book from Dill that I will (and can't wait to) translate into Greek, Dill and I have also collaborated in her other book, Reverse. The title has been confirmed in Greek—it will be Ανατροπή. In a few lines, here is the description of the book as you can find it on Amazon and other pages where the book is sold:

The detective and negotiator Douglas Fernandes is hired to track down the kidnapping of the daughter of a well-known businessman. In the middle of a journey full of ambition, deceit and abandonment, he will find himself falling in love with the victim, without even having met her.

Veronica is an independent, confident woman. However, she will be confronted with one of the most difficult moments of her life. While she is being held captive, she will begin to break the chains of the past and will discover that not everything that seemed to be is in fact. That love can chain a person, but also save her.

Encounters, misunderstandings, and revelations will be constant, and the other side of the story can make her even more valuable, or not.

Dill has an amazing style of writing, so check her out in Amazon and support her by buying her books:

Thank you for reading my post. If you are an author and seek to reach the Greek market, feel free to ask me for a free quote of your English book translation into Greek. See you around!

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